Trick or Tights!

4:35 AM

Happy Halloween! (sorry for my late greetings )
Currently, i'm in love with monochrome tights.I think tights are really useful and cool. Use shorts in summer are really comfortable but when the summer ends, use the shorts are uncomfortable. Here is the point of tights! If you're not too brave to wear colorful tights, monochrome tights are the perfect choice.

I made the chain on my pocket by myself!
 I used normcore style in this look. Grey,black, and white are the normcore colors. 

hey, what? Tomorrow is Monday? arghh!

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Snapchat: elisabethtasha

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12 komentar

  1. Nice outfit dear. You are so pretty!

    Lets follow each other shall we? Let me know :)
    Mommy Rockin' In Style

  2. Such a cute look! :)
    Happy (belated) Halloween!


  3. Nice outfit, casual and cute!

  4. The chain you made is beautiful.

  5. nice outfit!
    ayo ikut giveaway buat dapat baju baru buat new year,caranya gampang banget loh!


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