Resolutions in 2016

8:41 AM

Before, i wanna say 'Happy Merry Christmas!' for my lovely readers who celebrated Christmas ^_^
2016 come so fast, and it's time to say goodbye to 2015. I feel really blessed in this year, because until right now i still have a complete families.This year is full of happiness for me and I really hope that next year will be more.

My resolutions in 2016:
1. Try to be more don't care about what people say 
2. Save money 
3. Study diligently
4. Be brave to try something new
5. Love my families more ❤️

❤️ Thank You 2015! ❤️


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3 komentar

  1. Hope you had a great Christmas and have a great New Year! Best of luck with your resolutions, we are sure you can make them happen!

    ISA Professional

  2. congrats! happy new year dear

  3. I hope your resolutions went well thus far... xx


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