Polka Dolls

5:04 AM

Dear readers, 
this is my post about how much i love pastel colors. And polkadot is my favorite pattern after floral. I love something sweet and cute, and every time i wear something sweet or cute, my spirit is rise. Sometime people say i look childish, but this is what i like. I think, wear something that you like can improve your mood (trust me). Don't be scare about what people will say, because life is so tiring if you hear what they say. Just be yourself. How you dress up is show who you are. 


I like making diy bow tie. And this one is my diy project too, haha. 

White shirt by El-Logo // Polkadot Vest (from my mom) // Skirt by Phoebe // Socks (unbranded) // Shoes by Zalora

Happy Sunday and have a nice day everyone! :)


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