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5:00 AM

Hellow everyone 

As you guys know, i have a short and petite body. I know, it's not hard to find a good outfit for someone who has a petite body, but sometimes, wrong outfit can make you look shorter or drowning.
Recently, sweater be every people favorite thing. The comfort and simple design make sweater loved by everyone. Moreover, there's so many sweater with cute patterns and printed quotes, and of course sweater is one of the must have fashion item.
 So these are some tips from me for petite girl to get a good and simple look with sweater!

  For someone who has a petite body, you can try oversize sweater. Remember, don't wear the too-oversize, because it's just make you look short and drowning. 

 Try to wear skinny high waist pants or skirt above the knees. They can make your legs look slimmer and taller.

 Small bags are the perfect choices for petite girl. Small sling bag for feminine look and small backpack for sporty look.

For shoes, you can wear sneakers with thick holes or high heels depending on your theme style. 


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16 komentar

  1. You look so cute and perfectly dressed for your frame.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. I love the high-waist jeans on you! They are something I can't pull off but you look great in them! Happy Sunday!

    Trendy & Tidy

  3. I'm 4'11" so I understand your short girl problems completely lol! I can't wear certain oversized items because I look like a crazy person. Happy Monday!


  4. Love your top! Such a fun outfit! Great style!



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