7:22 AM

As women, it's normal for us to have difficulty finding a perfect outfit for any occasions. We easily feel bored with our everyday outfit, but are reluctant to buy new clothes because most are expensive and rarely used. Such a dilemma. As well as me. 
During quarantine, I often to surf through the internet to find beautiful dress or top to put on my wishlist, and I found Alisa Pan

Alisa Pan is a fashion site shop which has a lot of beautiful clothes for your everyday look in any occasions. Based in California and serving customers all over the world, Alisa Pan Garment Inc. has over 6 years of experience in the fashion industry. They're have sophisticated design, chic and modern style while envisioning them to be timeless additions to your closet that you’ll wear for years to come. Alisa Pan is created to help modern women to find the perfect dress for any occasion, we want you to look and feel your best for every single moment life throws your way! We invest in superior construction and high-end finishes to make your Alisa Pan purchase a true representation of affordable luxury.

♡ And here are my 5 favorite items from Alisa Pan to put on my wish list 

I'm in love with those leopard print!
 This leopard print midi skirt really suit my summer outfit. The fabric looks so think and cool so it's must be very comfortable for my summer everyday look. 

This blouse is really pretty. The transparent fabric makes it looks so cute plus with a touch of polka-dot motif. This blouse is suitable to wear with denim shorts, miniskirts, denim skirts, or high waist jeans. Perfect for formal events or summer date 

3. Casual Solid Middle Waist Cotton Shorts

Summer would not be complete without shorts! 
These casual shorts looks really comfy to wear. The apricot color fits in with all colors of top. Two buttons on the waist add the impression of 'slim' on your body shape. You can choose the 'crop top' or tuck the shirt in it, depends on your occasions.

This A line dress is a cute and sexy at the same time. 
I super love the floral ruffles pattern. They have two colors of this dress which are beige and khaki. Both of them are truly beautiful, but the beige one more suitable with my skin tone. 

I'm in love with this button pockets polka dot blazer at the first sight. The pink pastel makes it looks so elegant and feminine at the same time. But the touch of polka dots makes it a little bit cute. Perfect outfit for formal or everyday look.

They're shipping for worldwide and it's very easy to shopping in Alisa Pan. You just need to go to their website and choose your dream outfit.
Alisa Pan also accept payment such as Paypal, all major credit cards, Amazon Pay, Alisa Pan Gift Cards and Alisa Pan Store Credit. And if you you want to return or exchange the product, you can do it by read the policy on their website. Easy right?

So go check and shop now because they have free shipping over $50 and 25% off Storewide with code SPR25

Happy Shopping!



Scrub in Butter by Tiff Body Review

9:13 PM

Helloo, gimana kabar kalian semua?
Semoga sehat selalu ya..
hmm.., masa quarantine ini kadang memang bikin aku bosen banget, tapi bukan berarti jadi males-malesan lho. Banyak banget tugas kuliah + ujian online. Tapi diluar itu, kita jadi lebih punya banyak waktu untuk ngumpul sama keluarga dan melakukan aktivitas yang kita suka di rumah. Salah satu hal yang aku suka itu self care! Walau ga kemana-mana, penting juga lho untuk merawat diri kita, sebagai bentuk cinta kita terhadap tubuh kita.
Nah, salah satu yang aku suka yaitu scrubbing. Dari dulu, aku selalu buat scrub alami dari kopi, daaan ternyataa Tiff Body ngeluarin scrub mereka yang varian kopi juga.
Aku awalnya memang udah tahu, dan temen aku kasih ini di ulang tahun aku. Excited banget setelah tau selain kopi ada kandungan shea butternya, karena bisa bikin kulit aku lembab setelah di scrub.
Mereka punya 4 varian, yaitu original, cacao, cinnamon, dan turmeric. Yang punya aku original. Oh ya, produk ini juga bebas paraben, sulfate, dan silicon.

( helloo, how are you guys?
wish u a good healthy always..
hmm.., this quarantine time makes me feel so bored, but it not means I can be lazy. I have a lot of coursework + online exam. But beside that, I have a lots of time to gathering with family and do activities that I'd love in my house. One of them are self care! Even though I'm not going anywhere but it important to take care of our self as a form of love for ourselves.
The one that I like is scrubbing. I've always been making my own coffee scrub and surprisingly Tiff Body launch their coffee scrub products. At first, I already know it and then my friends give me for birthday present. I'm so excited after know they have shea butter in their ingredients, cause it can make moist skin result. They have 4 varians, those are original, cacao, cinnamon, and turmeric. Mine was the original. And, this product was paraben, sulfate, and silicon free.)

Ingredients: Coffea Robusta Seed Powder, Butyrospermum Parkii ( Shea Butter), Vitis Vinifera (Grape), Seed Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Euphorbia Cerifera (Cendelilla) Wax, Glycerin, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Seed Powder, Phenoxyethanol

Menurutku packagingnya lucu banget seperti produk-produk Tiff Body lainnya
( for me the packaging was so cute like the other Tiff Body products )

 Hasil sebelum di scrub
( result before scrubbing )

Hasil setelah di scrub
( result after scrubbing )

Aku udah pake scrub ini selama 2 bulan lebih dan menurutku hasilnya cukup memuaskan. Sama seperti scrub pada umumnya untuk mengangkat sel kulit mati. Tapi kelebihan dari produk ini adalah hasilnya yang bikin kulit jadi lembab dan shimmering kayak habis pake highlighter hahaha... Butiran scrubnya juga gak terlalu kasar karena terbuat dari grapeseed dan masih nyaman di kulit.
Over all, aku suka sama produk ini.
Tapi aku gak terlalu suka pakai ini di kulit wajah karena tipe kulit aku itu oily banget. Hasilnya bakal lengket dan kurang nyaman. Aku recommend produk ini untuk kalian yang jenis kulitnya normal to dry.

( I already use this scrub for more than 2 months and for me the result are pretty satisfying. Like the other scrub, they can remove the dead skin cell. But the advantages of this product is the moist and shimmering skin result like after applying highlighter on your skin, hahaha... The scrub grains are not too rough. Over all, i love this product,
But I'm not kinda like to use it on my skin face because I have oily skin type. It makes a sticky and uncomfortable result on your skin face. I recommend this product for you guys who have a normal to dry skin type. )

- it's local product
- the cutie packaging
effectively remove dead skin cells
- moist skin result
- smells so good


- not recommend for oily skin face types







Hope this post helpful and stay healthy always guys!
God bless us,
see u on the next post



Rexona VS Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum Review

9:16 PM

Hello, happy Monday all my readers!
i came back with another review :)))
And this is a little bit different from another reviews before. I'm gonna compare two products and tell you which is more better.
And because lately I have a concern with my armpits, so I decide to try these products.
let's go on the review!!!

The first product that I used is Vaseline dry serum. I bought it through the Shopping entrusted goods service from Malaysia for IDR 85K. They have 4 variants which are ultra whitening, white & smooth, white & dry, and white & repair (every variants have a different functions)
I choose the white & smooth one because i have a problem with dark and chicken skin on my armpits. 
I used this serum for 4/5 months (btw, i used this before sleep and don't use it for my daily deodorant). The result after i use this serum is, surprisingly this product is pretty help my skin armpits problems. My armpits became brighter and smoother than before. It helps my chicken skin so much (before I pull out my hair with tweezers, and now i move to shaving). Over all, I pretty satisfied with the result of this product.

Produk pertama yang aku coba adalah Vaseline dry serum. Aku beli melalui jasa titip beli dari Malaysia seharga 85 ribu rupiah. Mereka punya 4 varian yaitu ultra whitening, white & smooth, white & dry, dan white & repair (setiap varian punya fungsi beda-beda). Aku pilih yang white & smooth karena aku punya masalah sama ketiak yang gelap dan tidak halus. Aku menggunakan produk ini selama kira-kira 4/5 bulan( btw, aku pkaenya malam hari sebelum tidur karena aku gak pake ini sebagai deodorant harian). Hasilnya, produk ini cukup membantu permasalahan ketiak aku lho. Ketiak aku jadi lebih cerah dan halus dari sebelumnya. Produk ini juga membantu hilangin kulit ketiak aku yang kasar (dulu aku cabut bulu ketiak dengan pinset, sekarang aku udah memutuskan untuk shaving aja). Secara ekseluruhan, aku cukup puas sama hasil dari produk ini hehe

After the Vaseline one was ran out, I try to bought the same product from another brand. I was tempted to buy the Rexona one since they have much more cheaper price. They have almost similar ingredients too. I bought this on Transmart dept store for around IDR 17K (much more cheaper right?!). They have 3 variants, which are fresh lily, fresh rose, and fresh sakura (every variants have a same functions and they only different in scents)
After I used this product for a week (the same way, before I go to sleep), I notice that my armpits are more darker than before .__. Actually, i love the scent from this serum but sadly it didn't work well on my skin. And then I decide to stop using this and came back to Vaseline dry serum.

Setelah yang Vaseline habis, aku pun beli produk yang sama tapi dari merk yang beda. Yap, aku tergoda untuk beli yang Rexona karena dia jauh lebih murahh. Mereka juga punya bahan-bahan yang hanpir mirip. Aku beli produk ini di Transmart dept store, sekitar 17 ribu Rupiah-an (lebih murah khann?!). Merek punya 3 varian yaitu fresh lily, fresh rose, dan fresh sakura (semua varian sama fungsinua cuma beda aroma aja). Setelah aku gunain sekitar 1 minggu (sama kayak sebelumnya, dipakai sebelum tidur), aku merasa bahwa ketiak aku itu malah lebih gelap dari sebelumnya .__. Sebenarnya aku suka banget baunya tapi sayang banget dia gak bekerja dengan baik di kulit ketiak aku. Jadi ya, dengan berat hati aku pun stop menggunakannya dan kembali ke Vaseline dry serum.

I'm gonna comparing the domes between the Rexona and Vaseline. For me the Vaseline one more smoother, but over all they almost very similar.

Every effects given from products are different for one person and another person, This is my 100% honest review. Actually, i will feel more happy if the Rexona one work on my skin well since it was much more cheaper. So ya from this comparing review, I choose the Vaseline dry serum than the Rexona since it gives me better result. And for me, sometimes price determines the product's quality.

Aku bakal bandingin ujung tube keduanya, Menurutku yang Vaseline lebih halus aja ujung tubenya, tapi sebenernya secara keseluruhan mereka hampir mirip banget.

Setiap hasil atau efek yang diberikan suatu produk untuk orang yang satu dan yang lain berbeda-beda. Ini tuh review aku jujur 100%. Sebenernya, aku bakal seneng banget kalau yang Rexona bisa bekerja lebih baik di kulit ketiak aku karena dia jauh lebih murah. Ya, jadi hasilnya aku memilih si Vaseline dry serum, karna hasil yang diberikan lebih baik. Dan buat aku, kadang harga memang menentukan kualitas barang tersebut.

hope this post helpful, and see ya!



St.Ives Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub Review

10:05 AM

Dear all my lovely readers,
Here I come again to write another review, hehe.

Before, i was using St.Ives apricot scrub. but since I heard a lot of good review of this variant, I guess why not I try this one?
so, here we goooo....

From the packaging, this variant has a cute color and i like it. But I don't like the tube cap (idk how it calls), because it makes the product leak out easily.

The product claims can polishes away dullness for radiant skin. 
(paraben free, dermatologist tested, oil free)
It is "moderate" scrub category,

And the ingredients:
water, hydrated silica, glycerin, sodium methyl 2- sulfolaurate, decyl glucoside, acrylates copolymer, cocamidopropyl betaine, disodium 2- sulfolaurate, acrylates/palmeth-25 acrylate copolymer, phenoxyethanol, cocamidopropylpg-dimonium cholride phosphate, fragrance, disodium edta, polyacrylamide, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, citrus nobilis (mandarin orange) peel extract, citrus medica limonium (lemon) fruit extract, titanium dioxide (ci 77891), red 30 (ci 73360)

I already try it for 1 month, and what I feel is this scrub has a pretty good result. I can say this product has a really good smell, soft texture, and really nice to use on your skin especially if you have a sensitive skin. this variant was really safe for you guys who has a sensitive skin. 
I don't feel my skin texture become smooth after I use it, since it has a really small scrub. I need to scrub it for a quite long time to make my skin smooth (idk why, but i love smooth skin texture result).
the claims is pretty accurate with the result. because it helps to reduce dullness on my skin.
But, what makes me happy is this scrub help a little bit to reduce the blackheads on my nose! and so far, this scrub was safe and doesn't make my skin breakout.
and I guess i would buy this variant again because i love how it is smell more than the apricot one hehe

my skin type: oily and sensitive

- cute packaging color
- smells good
- safe for sensitive skin
- help reduce blackheads
- reduce dullness

- the tube cap make the product leak out easily

around Rp.70.000 - Rp.80.000

Where to buy:
Guardian, Watsons, Online shop



hope this post helpful and see you on my next video.
have a nice day & and God bless us always :)


My New Cover!

4:42 AM

Hello guys! Just check out my new cover from 'I Don't Care by Ed Sheeran ft. Justin Bieber'. Don't forget to like, leave a comment, and subscribe my channel, thankyouu <3

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