Cute Paper Case DIY

8:53 AM

October has come, and i'm so excited because summer will be replaced by rainy days ( I am a person who like cold season than hot season. ) During the rainy days we will be reluctant to leave the house and people prefer to chill in the house than go out. But sometimes we easily feel bored all the day in the house. I anticipate the boredom with making some DIYs. You don't need to make something difficult, you can make decorations for your room by yourself. In this post, i wanna show you what i made in the boredom. Cute paper case for my phone!

- 1 -

I paint the green stripes by myself and I glue a cute ice cream in the middle. So simple but cute!
- 2 -

I paint this watermelon case by myself. I choose to paint watermelon because it is very easy to make.
- 3 -

You just need a transparent case and glue cute food pictures on it. 
- 4 -

This is very easy if you too lazy to paint. Just print collage photos which you like, and tada! It already finish.

Kill the boredom with make something that you like and you'll feel better!


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