St.Ives Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub Review

10:05 AM

Dear all my lovely readers,
Here I come again to write another review, hehe.

Before, i was using St.Ives apricot scrub. but since I heard a lot of good review of this variant, I guess why not I try this one?
so, here we goooo....

From the packaging, this variant has a cute color and i like it. But I don't like the tube cap (idk how it calls), because it makes the product leak out easily.

The product claims can polishes away dullness for radiant skin. 
(paraben free, dermatologist tested, oil free)
It is "moderate" scrub category,

And the ingredients:
water, hydrated silica, glycerin, sodium methyl 2- sulfolaurate, decyl glucoside, acrylates copolymer, cocamidopropyl betaine, disodium 2- sulfolaurate, acrylates/palmeth-25 acrylate copolymer, phenoxyethanol, cocamidopropylpg-dimonium cholride phosphate, fragrance, disodium edta, polyacrylamide, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, citrus nobilis (mandarin orange) peel extract, citrus medica limonium (lemon) fruit extract, titanium dioxide (ci 77891), red 30 (ci 73360)

I already try it for 1 month, and what I feel is this scrub has a pretty good result. I can say this product has a really good smell, soft texture, and really nice to use on your skin especially if you have a sensitive skin. this variant was really safe for you guys who has a sensitive skin. 
I don't feel my skin texture become smooth after I use it, since it has a really small scrub. I need to scrub it for a quite long time to make my skin smooth (idk why, but i love smooth skin texture result).
the claims is pretty accurate with the result. because it helps to reduce dullness on my skin.
But, what makes me happy is this scrub help a little bit to reduce the blackheads on my nose! and so far, this scrub was safe and doesn't make my skin breakout.
and I guess i would buy this variant again because i love how it is smell more than the apricot one hehe

my skin type: oily and sensitive

- cute packaging color
- smells good
- safe for sensitive skin
- help reduce blackheads
- reduce dullness

- the tube cap make the product leak out easily

around Rp.70.000 - Rp.80.000

Where to buy:
Guardian, Watsons, Online shop



hope this post helpful and see you on my next video.
have a nice day & and God bless us always :)


My New Cover!

4:42 AM

Hello guys! Just check out my new cover from 'I Don't Care by Ed Sheeran ft. Justin Bieber'. Don't forget to like, leave a comment, and subscribe my channel, thankyouu <3


Votre Peau Vitamin C Serum Review

8:31 AM

Hello guys, I came back with another review of skincare.
This is one of the must-review product because I love this so much. So as you can see on the title, this product is vitamin C serum from Votre Peau. For you guys who think that Votre Peau is an import product, you are totally wrong because this is a local product. So, Votre Peau which means "your skin" is skincare products from Maharis Clinic. The skincare clinic is located on Plaza Indonesia, but you can buy this online too.
I was curious with this serum because every time I read the review of this serum, it claims can reduce the acne scars and  has a brightening effect since it contains vitamin C. For me this serum a little bit pricey (hehe...), but when I feel the result of this serum I think that is totally worth it (and you must know that I always give you a 100% honest review).
After I use this serum for one week (2 times a day, one in the morning and one before I go to sleep), my skin are going so much better, especially the acne scars. It really can reduce my acne scars since my skin has a lot of redness. Other than that, it can moisturize my skin and a little bit brightening too. And what I love the most is after I used this serum, there's no pimple on my skin anymore. Seriously, I really recommend you guys this serum <3

The ingredients: Water, Propylene Glycol, Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Salicylic Acid, Alcohol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Sodium Benzoate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Chlorphenesin, Fragrance.

the texture of this serum are like water but a little bit more viscous and it absorbs quickly.

- It reduce pimple and acne scars
- It moisturize skin so well
- It can brightening your skin
- the texture are so light and absorb quickly
- The packaging are super cute!
- The bottle made from plastic and not easily oxidized


Where I can buy this?

The price?
30 ml = Rp. 220.000


Definitely yes.

hope this post helpful and have a nice day! :)


Review Green Tea Organic Face Mask Review

4:44 AM

Hello all my lovely readers!
before, I wanna say sorry because I haven't post some product review for a long time.
So actually, since I entered college my skin was breakout and I only used products from my dermatologist. Since then I have never used any other products.
But lately, my skin gets better and it's only leave a little pimples and the acne scars.
I feel super happy and kinda miss using a face mask haha...

Since has 100% organic face mask, I decided to try it. ( I actually already super curious with this local mask for a long time :p ). I bought two variants, the green tea and the milk. But I haven't try the milk one, so I can't review it.
I already used this mask for one week and I used it everyday.
At first, I was so scared that this mask will make my skin being more horrible.
But surprisingly, I fall in love with this mask when I see the result.
My pimples began to disappear, my skin being so smooth and bright, and calming the redness on my skin. Seriously, I'm not excessive at all but this mask was really great.
And another good thing from this product is it's smell so yummy.
The green tea smell like green tea milkshake!
But I wanna remind you to used it diligently because you can't get the result just in one use.
So let's love our skin with organic product! :)

The Ingredients: Wheat, honey, vitamin E, almond oil, pure green tea, and secret recipe hehe...

And you can check their expired date behind the product! and what I like the most it they are really fresh because they only last up for 2-3 months if you already open the product. But if you not opened, it lasts for one year.

- It made from 100% organics
- It has a zip lock
- It smells good
- It can fight pimples
- Make your skin brighter
- Calming the redness

- It only last up for 2-3 months (but actually it's a good thing because they are really fresh)

Where I can buy this?
Instagram :

The price?
35 gram =  Rp. 35.000
65 gram =  Rp. 50.000



Hope this post helpful and see you on my next post!
bye ❤

Graduation Day Dress

3:16 AM

The great day has arrived. 
A day full of happiness, pride and tears of emotion. And although it feels like only yesterday your parents were dropping you off at your first year halls of residence, tears in their eyes, and they’re now back. Yes, it is your graduation day. Because it will always be a day to remembered, your appearance is the important thing to do, especially for graduation photo. But right now, you don’t need to worry to find a perfect graduation dress for that perfect day. Just go to, and you will find a lot of casual and semi-formal dresses in a variety of colors and styles for your graduation day. is 12 years experienced online store in fashion industry from US with customers across the globes. The founder of this online store was Anna Shi and her vision is enhancing women’s dress fashion on a global scale, by producing superior women’s dresses with exquisite design. The store is ship for worldwide except Brazil or Argentina as they do not allow US imports. This online store has lot of stylish, beautiful and affordable dresses for every occasion. You can find any various dresses according to color, type, material, and size. Perfect place to find dress for your special events, especially for graduation day.

And I really recommend you to see all their white graduation dresses collection. 
Super beautiful and importantly, within your budget. You will look super feminine and gorgeous 
with all their white graduation dresses collection. And if you are afraid to look fat because 
you use white, don’t worry because they have so many choices of models according 
to your body shape. Just find the perfect one and that special day will be feel more special. 

And how about graduation dresses for college? Of course they also have it.

From casual, semi-formal, until formal, you can choose the dress that makes you look more mature.

One shoulder and sexy open back dress are my recommends for you who want to find graduation dress for college.
 And what I love the most is they have a lot of different printed pattern
like stripes, polka dot, floral, and many more.

How to buy it??
 Simply browse the website and find the items you are interested in. Once you’ve found an item you would like to purchase, select the size, color, and quantity and click the “Add to Cart” button. The item will then be stored in your shopping cart and you can either check out from there or continue shopping and add more items. In your shopping cart you will be able to easily adjust quantities or delete any items prior to checking out.
For the payment options, you may pay by either credit card or PayPal. They are accept all major credit cards. You can also checkout with Amazon Pay. You may also redeem gift cards and store credit for either partial or total payment of your order.
So, finding dresses for bridesmaid or for wedding guest is not a problem anymore. The bridesmaids and all the wedding guest will be complete that beautiful once in a life time moment. Just choose the dress you want to buy and click to ‘add cart’. Super easy and fast. And right now they have 30% off for spring and summer dress. What are you waiting for?
Happy Shopping 



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