The perks of being high school kid

3:10 AM

February will past soon and days full of busyness will come greet me.
My exams schedules are full in March and I almost don't have any time to do
anything except study,study and study.
I dedicate this month for my high school friends.
 I spent so many times with them and there's always never enough time.
Yes, i love them so much more than I love my food.




TONYMOLY Mud and Bubble Sheet Masks Review

2:03 AM

Hello all my readers!
Today, I'm gonna making review for Tonymoly Earth Beauty Sheet Masks!

The texture from this mask is quite different from the other mask. As it's written, this sheet mask has mud on it, so the texture is a little bit dry. The smell is super good and I pretty satisfied with the result after using this mask. Even though the texture is dry, but after I used this mask, my skin is hydrated enough. Moreover, my skin is being smooth and brighter. This mask is recommended for your relaxation time.

At first, I was so excited with this mask when I saw "bubble" word on the packaging. I think this mask will be super fun. But actually, after I tried it, I'm a little bit disappointed. To be honest, this mask doesn't has any affect for my skin. Other than that, the bubbles which came out from the mask are not quite enough, not like what I expected before. I think this mask is just the same as cleansing foam. So for me, this mask is not too recommend. But I cannot lie, the packaging is super cute >_<

But once again, this is just my opinion.
Hope this post is helpful and hope you have a nice day!



Hello January!

1:38 AM

Hello everyone and hello 2018!
This year will gonna be quite different for me, cause in this year I'm gonna leave my high school life and go to college. There will be many new things come to my life, can be a good thing or bad thing. Many things happened to me in last year, and I feel proud enough can get through it all.
I know when we're getting older, the problems will be getting bigger too. But yap, however life must go on and we need to face the reality. When you already being mature enough, you must know how to control your emotion. Be calm, cause every problem has a solution. So I'm gonna turn my new page of life with a grateful heart. Life is full of beautiful things, so if life give you lemons make lemonade, right?



Apple Cider Vinegar Freeman Mask Review

5:36 AM

At first, I pretty confused to choose one of their mask cause all of them have satisfying reviews.
So I went to their website, and chose my skincare problem. 
After that, the one and only result for my skincare problem is The Apple Cider Vinegar mask.
 It being more interesting cause it is a multifunction mask. So I bought it in online store for IDR 140.000- IDR 150.000.  

I have tried this mask twice but I already see the result from this mask. I used it to be face mask, scrub, and cleanser. In my opinion, this mask can really really remove the sebum from your skin.  Honestly, I’m not too recommend this mask for you who has dry skin. After I used this mask, my skin was being so smooth. And I super super love the smell from this mask ( Seriously, it’s so gewd~ ). I’m so sure this mask can make your skin looks flawless if you use it for routine.

To be honest, I’m not feel my eyes are sore at all when I apply this mask on my face. After all, this mask is quite satisfying and I very recommend this mask for you who has an oily skin. Unfortunately, Freeman is not available yet in Indonesia. 

Hope this post is helpful, and have wonderful Xmas & New Year Holiday!
Baybay <3



Autumn vibes

9:56 PM

Suddenly, Jakarta becomes a cloudy city. Sometimes it rains, sometimes not. 
 Cause the unpredictable weather, I need to take care of health and always bring my jacket when i go out. 
And warm clothes become the essential things in October. 
One of my favorite essential is my black fur sweater. It really warm and super comfy.

I wish I could wear this sweater in autumn. Sadly, Jakarta will never had autumn :( 
But I still gonna wear it to feel the autumn vibes hahaha

* sorry for my unhappy face cause the sunlight :( *

Happy autumn vibes !


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