Self Love.

6:30 PM

Do you ever feel so insecure at sometime or maybe all the time?
Yes. I am one of them. I am a person who always feel insecure almost all the time. I don’t know why, but some little things can make me feel so worried.
I’m so afraid of what people thoughts of me if I’m a weirdo, and every time I walk by myself, those weird thoughts always follow me around.

And the best answer is; I still really care about what others think about me. Many people told me like “you don’t need to mind what she/he says about u”, but I never can do it. To be honest, I feel so envy with ignorant people. They look like the happiest type of human in the world, and I want to be them (in a good way ofc).
I want.
I want to live peacefully, I want to enjoy my life.
I don’t need to ruin my happiness with all those thoughts.
I want to be more care with myself than what other’s thoughts.
And I think, I need change my mind.
 I try to walk confidently by myself and don't care about people's thoughts anymore. I spend most of my time with people who give me positive energy.
My life is so valuable and i don't want to waste it.
And for everyone who feel the same way too, you don’t need to worry. Maybe there are some people who can’t accept you, but people who loves you sincerely will accept you the way you are.
Remember, you are precious.


I hope this post can help everyone who feel the same way too.
Have a good day and be happy always! 



Review Dead Sea Mask by PINKLAB.CO

2:31 AM

Hello everyone!
I know it's a little too late, but better late than never hahaha so yaa, today 
I'm gonna review mud mask (product from Indonesia) called 
Dead Sea Mask by PINKLAB.CO

I super super love the packaging of this mask! cute and really pinky hehe...
and surely for the packaging, I'm giving 10/10 

The smell of this mask is pretty good. 
 I already use this mask for one week, and I used it everyday. I can say this mask
has pretty good result. For me this is not a 'once try and you can see the result' mask. After one week, I can feel that my skin is being smoother. It can removes some blackheads in my nose area and minimize my pores so well. 
I had some pimples on my forehead, but unfortunately it can't remove or reduce my pimples at all at first. But I keep using it for everyday, and after 3 weeks my pimples are started to dry.

Overall, I quite satisfied and recommend you to try this one too! 

  • Price : Rp.130.000
  • Where I buy? : Shopee 
  • Rate : 10/10 
  • Repurchase? : Yes
  • Cute packaging 
  • Made from natural ingredients 
  • It smells good 
  • Can remove blackheads
  • Smooth your skin 
  • Reduce the oil in your skin
  • Minimize pores
  • Remove pimples and acne scars
Con: -

 Hope this post helpful and have a nice day everyone!



Rubber Mask 'Hydration Lover' Dr.Jart+ Review

2:38 AM

Hello everyone!
so today I'm gonna make a review about the 'first unique sheet mask' I ever tried. It's called Rubber mask 'Hydration Lover' from Dr.Jart+. It actually came with 4 different types and colors. And every type has a different function. Mine was the Moist/Hydration lover one. As it's written, the function of this type of mask is to hydrating your skin. 

How to use: 1) After cleansing, take a sufficient amount of Ampoule Pack to nourish your skin. 2) Open Rubber Mask pouch, remove the film, place the mask on your face, and evenly press to attach it completely. 3) After about 30-40 minutes, remove the mask and lightly pat to absorb the remaining Ampoule Pack.

Before apply the mask on your face, you need to take this ampoule pack and apply on your face to nourish your skin. The texture of this ampoule pack is a little bit unique too. It feels like jelly but when you apply on your skin, it turns into a cream. 

I like the texture and the smell of this mask. This is the photo, after I used this mask. I'm sorry, I can't take photo when I'm using this mask cause the mask it's ripped in some parts and makes it so hard to use. 
What i feel after using this mask is my skin was being super super hydrating. I'm quite satisfied with the result, but I don't think this is a special mask. For me, this is just like the ordinary mask. Since I got this mask from my friend, I don't know the price of this mask. But I have search it in Tokopedia, the price is IDR 250.000. Or maybe you can find it on Sephora too.
Over all, I love the result from this mask but I don't want to repurchase anymore cause this mask is pricey enough.

  • I love the smell
  • I love the texture
  • Really hydrating your skin
  • The material makes this mask ripped so easily 
  • Pricey enough

Hope this post helpful and have a nice day! :)



TONYMOLY Mud and Bubble Sheet Masks Review

2:03 AM

Hello all my readers!
Today, I'm gonna making review for Tonymoly Earth Beauty Sheet Masks!

The texture from this mask is quite different from the other mask. As it's written, this sheet mask has mud on it, so the texture is a little bit dry. The smell is super good and I pretty satisfied with the result after using this mask. Even though the texture is dry, but after I used this mask, my skin is hydrated enough. Moreover, my skin is being smooth and brighter. This mask is recommended for your relaxation time.

At first, I was so excited with this mask when I saw "bubble" word on the packaging. I think this mask will be super fun. But actually, after I tried it, I'm a little bit disappointed. To be honest, this mask doesn't has any affect for my skin. Other than that, the bubbles are not as much as I expected. I think this mask is just the same as cleansing foam. So for me, this mask is not too recommend. But I cannot lie, the packaging is super cute >_<

But once again, this is just my opinion.
Hope this post is helpful and hope you have a nice day!



Hello January!

1:38 AM

Hello everyone and hello 2018!
This year will gonna be quite different for me, cause in this year I'm gonna leave my high school life and go to college. There will be many new things come to my life, can be a good thing or bad thing. Many things happened to me in last year, and I feel proud enough can get through it all.
I know when we're getting older, the problems will be getting bigger too. But yap, however life must go on and we need to face the reality. When you already being mature enough, you must know how to control your emotion. Be calm, cause every problem has a solution. So I'm gonna turn my new page of life with a grateful heart. Life is full of beautiful things, so if life give you lemons make lemonade, right?


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