Thursday, January 5, 2017


Happy New Year for all my readers! <3
I feel so blessed could past the last year with happiness. A year full of struggle but unforgettable. I hope everyone can be a better person in this year and the most important thing is always grateful.
I celebrate the new year eve in my grandma's house, not too special but so delightful. The pink sweater that i wear is one of my Christmas present from my aunt. Honestly, i never like pink color in my life and rarely wear pink outfit to go out. But when i got this sweater, i think ''why not?". Sometimes we must try something different, right?

Look, how cheerful I am with this outfit! 
I choose this look to represent the cheerfulness and bravery in the beginning of this year.

" Try to go out from your comfort zone, try something new and be brave"

Once again, happy new year! May God bless you all ^^


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Camouflage Cream Face Concealer 'MakeOver' Review

Dear readers,
3 days until Christmas and the atmosphere is so delightful. 

 Before, i was using concealer from Revlon. To be honest, this is not must have thing for me before, but recently some pimples popped on my face and leaves scars. Of course that's very annoying for me. And the most annoying thing is my concealer doesn't coverage my scars at all. I don't want to look like a ghost with pale face, so i search some review to find a good concealer which can coverage my scars. 
After some search and review, finally i try to buy 'MakeOver' concealer. And after try it, i make this review.

First, the price is not to expensive. I bought it in 'MakeOver' counter for Rp.125K. Pretty worth for thing like this and the packaging is pretty good and fancy.

It has 5 colors with different functions. 
(from left to right)
1. Light beige for tint/highlight on eyes areas
2. Beige to coverage pimples scars
3. Light Green to coverage skin redness
4. Light Purple to give bright effect for dull skin
5. Brown Orange to give bright effect for dark skin and can be used for base blush on

and my favorite one is beige, cause it can coverage my scars pretty well <3
 Over all, i love this concealer and this is one of my best Christmas present.


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Grunge Daisy Baby

Dear readers,
how is your day? I hope everyone has a great day :)

Actually, in this look i try to combine cute and grunge style. I wear pale colors for the top and darker colors for the skirt and shoes. And do you know that i'm so obsessed with black boots! I love these kind of shoes however it styles. As you can see, i have short legs and quite big calves. Boots are the worst enemies for short legs and big calves, but doesn't matter if you know the tips and tricks to wear it!
First, of course ankle boots are the best choice for someone who has big calves. The boots with medium cut just will make your calves look bigger. But you can wear boots with high cut to discover your big calves. But for me, ankle boots are my favorite.
Second, choose the boots with mid-low heels. Of course, heels will make you look higher, but the other tricks are choose the thick soles. Thick soles will balancing your big calves.
And my suggestion, don't worry with short legs or big calves. Some fitness routines can help you to solve this problem :)


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Trend- Different Earrings

This season designers insistently recommend wearing different earrings. Let’s see what that means and how to apply this trend correctly.

It looks like this year designers really took care of those who tend to lose one earring every time – at a party, in a cab or in a jewelry box. Such brands as Celine, Chanel and Lanvin say “don’t worry” and offer to mix a single earring with a different one. They even don’t have to be similar – in size, color or length, it should be obvious that they are not a couple.

 Ready to go sets of mismatching earrings are found in spring-summer collections of Lanvin, Isabel Marant and Chanel. Mass market is catching up. You can see totally different pairs of earrings as well as ones that look kind of similar but designed in reversed colors or unsymmetrical or with some extra elements. The last version might be really good for those who don’t want to look too extravagant but be in trend.
Next season it’s going to be even easier – some designers offer not to look for a pair and wear a single earring.

So obviously there are no rules in these new trends, but on the other hand it seems that a single tiny stud earring might go unnoticed. If you really want to be recognized as a person who follows latest trends – choose massive earrings to wear as a single one. A long or a colorful earring will also look great.

It also seems that wearing single earring gives more options to mix and match it with other jewelry, even if the earring itself is massive and noticeable. It might be a great idea to walk you whole jewelry kit out, although with only one earring. It could be a combination of an earring and a ring or an earring with a bracelet from one kit. It also gives space to mix the earring with totally different rings and bracelets. If you go for it make sure that the ring or bracelet are on the other side’s hand than your earring – if your single earring is on your right side, than the ring or the bracelet go on the left hand. This way the whole image of you will look balanced and complete.

About the author
My name in Natalie Pro, I’m a founder of – an online silver jewelry store. I love jewelry and I love to travel. This is my first online project which I started after my travel tour around more than 60 countries. With my silver jewelry I want to share my personal experience and show people how beautiful and different our world is. The word “yindi” means “happy” in Thai language and the message of my project is to make people happy.
In my online collection it is easy to find the earrings that you’ll love from the first sight – from classy hoops to delicate silver lace drops and fabulous chandeliers.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sassy Black

Dear readers,
first, i wanna say happy holiday for everyone!!!

Lately, I wear black so frequently and i think i'm addicted with that. In this look, i want to combine a formal and casual look. I use ripped jeans to represent casual and long vest to formal. Tbh, i really love ripped jeans cause i think it was my 'fashion helper' and I can combine it with every style. For the top, turtle neck is a best choice but you can use a plain shirt too. As you can see, i use layering style and i think i don't need more accessories. Use a simple but classy items if you want to apply layering style. For the shoes, boots or heels are the perfect choices and for the bag, just use simple handbag with the match color with your outfit. I never get wrong to call black is a sassy color ;)

I made the knee ripped jeans by myself!
You can do it too by check the step by step on YouTube.


Thursday, May 5, 2016

DIY Batik Pouch

Dear readers, sorry for not post anything in a long time :(
I had a little stress a few days ago. And the one and only medicine for me in stress is SHOPPING (the beautiful word ever! hahaha). Find the good clothes in the good price too is my best stress remover. But i just realize that shopping can make you happy if you have some money, and i can spend too much money when i'm in a bad mood! And then i try to find the other activitties that can be a stress remover. And for me, making DIY is my other stress remover. This is one of what I've done!

 What you need...

  • Knitting Yarn

  • 'Batik' Fabric
  • Zipper
  • Scissor
  • Needle & Thread
  • Straight Pin
Let's get started...

 First, fold the top of the fabric to the inside for 1/2 cm. Ironing the fabric to make a perfect folding.
Place the zipper be right next to the folded fabric using straight pins.
After that, sew the zipper with the folded fabric.
After the zipper and the fabric stitched, sew the other side of fabric.
And the other side too...
Folding out the pouch and here the result.

And for the tassel...
 Wrap the knitting yarn around your three fingers.
After you feel the wrap is pretty much, cut a short yarn to tie the top of tassel.
And then cut the low part of tassel. Cut the untidy yarns and you finish for the tassel!
Last, tie the tassel to the zipper using thread and you're done!

(It's being more better if you use the other fabric for the inside of the pouch)
Hope you like and try it! See you on my next post :)


Sunday, March 20, 2016

i'm a fighter

Dear all the lovely readers,
I just finish my holiday for few week and now i feel being more fat :( yup, don't go anywhere, just eat,play phone, watch TV, and sleep (i really hate holiday right now). And the first thing that makes me hate holiday is, i miss my friends so badly! 
and finally, today i just go out to take some photos for my new post and tadaa! As you can see on my dress, there is a word says I'M A FIGHTER BUT CRY A LOT. And do you know, that is really really me. I love crying and i'm a super melancholy person. It's very easy for me to shed a tear but i'm a great drama queen. I can act like nothing happen even though i am going a tough time. But whatever i do, i always love myself. What about you?


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