Autumn vibes

9:56 PM

Suddenly, Jakarta becomes a cloudy city. Sometimes it rains, sometimes not. 
 Cause the unpredictable weather, I need to take care of health and always bring my jacket when i go out. 
And warm clothes become the essential things in October. 
One of my favorite essential is my black fur sweater. It really warm and super comfy.

I wish I could wear this sweater in autumn. Sadly, Jakarta will never had autumn :( 
But I still gonna wear it to feel the autumn vibes hahaha

* sorry for my unhappy face cause the sunlight :( *

Happy autumn vibes !



My Top 5 Favorite Face Scrub & Masks

8:23 AM

Dear all my lovely readers, in the summertime, one of my favorite thing is relaxing and put the mask on my face. In summertime, our skin will be more easier to dry and getting dark cause it exposed by the sunlight. So skincare is being one of the important thing on summer. And, today i will tell you about my top 5 favorite scrub and masks! 

 St. Ives Apricot Scrub (Blemish Control)

You guys must be familiar with this scrub. Yap, this product was claim for ''America's number 1 scrub brand". I already used this scrub for 2 months, and i choose the 'Blemish Control'one (you can check the other types on their website). After I used this scrub,the redness scars on my face are getting reduced. And my skin being more smooth too, cause their lift the dead skin.I'm super satisfied because my skin looks brighter than before! Unfortunately, this scrub is hard to find in Indonesia :(
btw, i bought this scrub on the online store but you can check it in Guardian.

 Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Sheet Mask & Super Volcanic Clay Mask

Recently, I'm super super in love with Innisfree products. And this sheet mask was being more popular since recommended by Michelle Phan. For you guys, who feel too lazy to make a face mask by yourself or apply
liquid mask on your face, this mask will be a perfect choice for you! After i used this sheet mask, my skin is being moist and brighter. This mask has many variants depend on what your skin needs. My favorite are the pomegranate and strawberries. You can use this sheet mask everyday for your night skincare routine.

Meanwhile, the other Innisfree product that i love so much too is their Super Volcanic Clay Mask. It made from mineral from volcano in Jeju Island. I already used this mask for a couple weeks. This mask was claimed can minimize and clean the pores. Actually, pores are not too being one of my skin problems. I just have a little bit big pores under my eyes area. But I just wonder, why this product can be one of Innisfree best seller products, so I try it. And seriously, after I used this mask, I realized that this mask really clean my pores and started to minimize the pores too! But, I think this product doesn't has brightening effect for skin.

Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off

Before, I wanna say sorry cause the product is already empty (I don't have a time to buy the new one).For me, this is the best mask for brightening skin, I ever tried. Their grains of rice are very smooth and smells so good. My skin face was being so bright and smooth. I really satisfied with the result, and I highly recommend this mask for you guys! I absolutely will repurchase this one.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

The last one, is my favorite mask all the time. I used this gel for my sleeping mask, and when
I wake up in the morning, my skin is being so smooth and fresh. I always put this gel
in my refrigerator to give cool sensation on my skin.

Skincare routine is very important for us who live in tropical and pollute country. So don't be too lazy to take care of your skin. But don't you forget, to always eat healthy food, drink more water, and do some sports if you want the best result. Hope this post will be helpful, and see you guys on my next post! Bye <3


Summer Vibes

4:18 AM

Summer is being one of the best season i really like.
Sunshine, watermelon, and cute lace top are some of my favorite things on summer time. As you can see,
my skin getting redness and darker than before :( And i always blame my stupidness for forget to apply the sunblock before going out, hahaha.
I choose a shade of white for my summer look, and i think white is the best color for summertime too.
so just wear a light outfit, get ice cream in your hand, and enjoy your summertime!

☀️ here is my summer playlist: ☀️
Malibu- Miley Cyrus
Summer Paradise- Simple Plan
Summertime of Our Lives- Cody Simpson
Rhythm of Love- Plain White T's
I'm the One- DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber,Quavo, Chance The Rapper
Better Place- Rachel Platten



Heartful Cream Lipsticks 'Holika Holika' Review

7:21 AM

Hello everyone,
so today, I'm back again with a review for cream lipstck. Aaa, I'm so excited with this one! Yap, Holika Holika Heartful Cream Lipstick 

I have two tone colors, the Dark Cherry Choux which is mature and mysterious
and Black Tea Pong which is cute and calm.

The heart shape was so cute!!!
(left: Black Tea Pong, right: Dark Cherry Choux)

1. Black Tea Pong

First, the texture of this lipstick is melting cream. Actually, I'm not a fan of melting lipstick but 
i love this one. The color result is like red slightly purple.
 Even though this is melting cream lipstick, it's not sticky at all. What i like the most from this lipstick is 
even though it look shiny,but the color was so calm so it doesn't make you look too much.

2. Dark Cherry Choux

This lipstick has a darker color than Black Tea Pong. The texture is chiffon, so the 
result will be semi-matte. The color was super red, and I think, I'm just gonna use this lipstick
for big events. But overall, i super super love the result color from this lipstick.
Red and matte make you look so classy.

The advantages of these lipsticks:
- The packaging and the shape of them are so cute
- The colors are so pigmented
- They have a little bit fruity smells

The deficiencies of these lipstick:
- The heart shape makes a little bit harder to apply the lipstick on the lips
- Not long lasting ( After meal, the color a little bit gone even not at all )

And, I got these from Korea so I don't know, are they already sold in Indonesia.
But I recommend this lipstick to be one of your make up's must have items list ;)


V's Day Look

2:03 AM

Hello everyone!
Happy Valentine's Day ❤️

 Remember, Valentine is a day to spread your love, for your partner and everyone that you love. And being single doesn't mean you have a bad Valentine's Day. It's time for you to spend it with your family or your friends.
So, choose soft and neutral colors for outfit of today. Something sweet and simple are my perfect choices for the Valentine's Day look.

be happy and spread your love to everyone you love :)


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