Grunge Daisy Baby

1:38 AM

Dear readers,
how is your day? I hope everyone has a great day :)

Actually, in this look i try to combine cute and grunge style. I wear pale colors for the top and darker colors for the skirt and shoes. And do you know that i'm so obsessed with black boots! I love these kind of shoes however it styles. As you can see, i have short legs and quite big calves. Boots are the worst enemies for short legs and big calves, but doesn't matter if you know the tips and tricks to wear it!
First, of course ankle boots are the best choice for someone who has big calves. The boots with medium cut just will make your calves look bigger. But you can wear boots with high cut to discover your big calves. But for me, ankle boots are my favorite.
Second, choose the boots with mid-low heels. Of course, heels will make you look higher, but the other tricks are choose the thick soles. Thick soles will balancing your big calves.
And my suggestion, don't worry with short legs or big calves. Some fitness routines can help you to solve this problem :)


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