Pattern on Pattern

5:22 AM

Dear readers,
what do you think about wearing pattern on pattern? maybe, you'll think it looks too much. But actually you can wearing pattern on pattern without looking too much. I will tell you some tips!

 Don't use too much colors on your pattern if you want to apply this. Choose matching colors (ex: black & white, brown & beige, navy & white, etc.) Use darker one inside the brighter one. Pattern on pattern will make you look eye catching. And please, feel confidence with what you wear. Because the most important thing is your confidence. People will amazed if you look confidence :)
I used black and white colors, because monochrome is my favorite color. I little tried to combine monochrome and brown colors ( because I've already wore monochrome in my previous post). 

 Navy hat // Black polka dots top by Cool Teen // White polka dots cardigan by Cool Teen // Black shorts by Connexion // Brown Oxford shoes by Le Agavi // Knitted bag (made by my grandma)

Happy wearing pattern on pattern!



7:33 AM

Hi all my beloved readers! 
Today, i went out with my family and took some photos. I wore monochrome outfit! yup, only black and white >_< haha, Honestly, i really really love monochrome outfit! black and white can make you look so chic and fabulous :) 

 If you wanna try to look casual with shirt, just making it like cardigan. 

 I add a gold owl necklace to make this necklace looks eye catching.
I just fasten one button. It will make you look more casual but cool :)

Eyes shirt by Cool Teen // Tank top (DIY) // Owl necklace // Black shorts by Connexion // Black sneakers by Ando // Denim bag by NaRaYa // Monochrome snapback // Black wood bracelet


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