DIY Batik Pouch

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Dear readers, sorry for not post anything in a long time :(
I had a little stress a few days ago. And the one and only medicine for me when i'm stress is SHOPPING (the beautiful word ever! hahaha). Find the good clothes with the good price is my best stress remover. But i just realize that shopping can make you happy if you have some money, and i can spend too much money when i'm in a bad mood! And then i try to find the other activity that can be a stress remover. And for me, making DIY is my other stress remover. This is one of what I've already done!

 What you need...

  • Knitting Yarn

  • 'Batik' Fabric
  • Zipper
  • Scissor
  • Needle & Thread
  • Straight Pin
Let's get started...

 First, fold the top of the fabric to the inside for 1/2 cm. Ironing the fabric to make a perfect folding.
Place the zipper be right next to the folded fabric using straight pins.
After that, sew the zipper with the folded fabric.
After the zipper and the fabric stitched, sew the other side of fabric.
And the other side too...
Folding out the pouch and here the result.

And for the tassel...
 Wrap the knitting yarn around your three fingers.
After you feel the wrap is pretty much, cut a short yarn to tie the top of tassel.
And then cut the low part of tassel. Cut the untidy yarns and you finish for the tassel!
Last, tie the tassel to the zipper using thread and you're done!

(It's being more better if you use the other fabric for the inside of the pouch)
Hope you like and try it! See you on my next post :)


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  1. wow. it's really nice idea.

    visit my blog ya
    thnkyou :)

  2. lucu banget pouchnya :3



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