Flowery Daisy Clutch DIY

5:34 AM

My first DIY project on 2016! Yipiee!

First, these are what you need:

Plain Clutch 
You can use any clutch, but i recommend you to use bright color clutch.
Pattern for daisy flower.
 Wire & Name Pattern
Fabric and Felt
Actually, you can use any fabric. 

Lets go to the step by step!

Cut your pattern carefully. 

 The result after cut the pattern.
Follow the pattern slowly and carefully. You can use your hand or pliers.
 Glue the flowers and your name from wire on it. Tadaa... and you get the result!

See you on my next post! 

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Snapchat: elisabethtasha

My New Hobby.

6:59 AM

Dear readers, this is my first post on 2016. Every starting a new year, I always sure that this year will be a good year. As well like add new activities for my life. One of them is my new hobby. Draw. Actually, this is sounds so ordinary, but don’t know why, I always too lazy to do this. Recently, I tried to draw in my free time and I find that I really enjoy it. By drawing, all my bad thoughts are disappear. I tried to follow example pictures from internet and paint it. Usually, I like draw ‘grunge girl’. I had many beautiful pictures from Tumblr or Pinterest. Indeed, my draws are not yet perfect but practice makes perfect. Improve your talents as long as you live.


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