How I Wore Vest

6:41 PM

Hi readers!
in this post, i want to show you how i wore vest. I tried to look little bit boyish but feminine too. so i wore a plaid skirt and hi-sneakers. i add a necklace which i bought from Thailand. and i love the result!

i love wearing accessories like necklace or bracelets. if you don't have or don't like wearing necklace, you can add some bangles on your hand. But i give an advice, it's better to wear bangles with match color of your clothes. how simple to get cool with vest!

Plaid vest // White top by Details // Plaid skirt // Denim bag by NaRaYa // Hi sneaker by Tomkins


this is my sister! she wore a felt shirt. i love her simple style :) check her blog in here!!


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8 komentar

  1. simple yet cool


  2. nice outfits!

    xo T.

  3. You look cute I love your skirt and your sister looks lovely too xx

  4. Great photos and blog


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