My December Wish

6:15 AM

Welcome December!
omg, this is my favorite month ever!!! get ready to decorate our house with christmas decoration!!!
so today, i just went shopping with my family. I wore an outfit with christmas theme. red top with green cardigan. I bought some clothes for christmas,yeay! 

 My Christmas wish is really simple. I hope can have a family gathering on Christmas day. My happy family is the best thing i ever had in my life.

white-red top by Nevada // Denim skirt by Cool Teen // sneakers by Ando // green cardigan by Jordaz Ladies // xmas tree headband

I really love this christmas tree headband!


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4 komentar

  1. Aw that's cute - I love my family also:)
    &that headband though, I need one!

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  3. great xmas outfit!! :)


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