No Doubt

6:45 AM

Hi there!
So, today i just want to telling you to never ever feel doubtful to wear any clothes! Because fashion is free. You can wear any clothes which you like. Mix different patterns. It's so fun!

GMAC snapback(59 Fifty) // Red varsity(online shop) // White tee // Blue plaid pants(Bossini) // Black shoes(Tomkins)

x Natasha x


12:14 AM

Hi readers!

I'm on holiday nowww! and...i spend my holiday to watched YouTube. hmm... i watched many videos and my favorite is Jacksgap,but sometimes i watched 'how to make DIY accessories', music cover,or my favorite singers new video clips. And one of my favorite singer is 5 Seconds of Summer :) They are so cool, i love them so much. They are young and talented. My favorite members are Luke and Ash, & my favorite songs are 'kiss me kiss me' and 'she looks so perfect'. And finally, i successfully covered 'she looks so perfect',yeay! I had a scrapbook which i made dedicated to them & i hope they want to held a concert in Indonesia !
I've made these lovely brooch and hair clip themed 5 seconds of summer.
check my new video down bellow!

x Natasha x

It's time with my friends!

2:40 AM

Hiiii! So long not write a new post, haha! 
Yeah, i spend my holiday with a lot of fun activities. One of them is hangout with my friends. I'm not a type of girl who's like hangout with friends often. I prefer to spend my time at home! Like watch an old Disney movies, played scrabble with my family, and listened music alone in my room. I'm a lover of movies! hahaha...

Photographed by: Clarissa Faustina

x Natasha x

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