me designs part 2!

4:27 AM

Hi there!
so, this is the post about my designs part 2! yeay! 

 pretzels dress!

I always enjoyed my time when made designs!
x Natasha x


4:34 AM

hi there!
Today, i made my own runway with cardboard and glue. yap, i used street style from magazine. that's so fun! to be a fashion designer is my big dream. because i love all about fashion. i thought fashion fused in my blood. i had many fashion books in my room. when i was a little girl, i like made clothes for my dolls. haha... fashion is completed me!

I put Chloe Moretz in the front!

see ya!
x Natasha x

my designs !

4:52 AM

so, today i will show you some of my fashion designs. hey, i'm so excited, haha :D

what do you think about my fashion designs? please leave me some comments down bellow :) 
x Natasha x


3:06 AM

Hi there!
so excited to tell you about my holidays!

sooo... i went to Jungle Land in Sentul on my holidays with my families. That's a wonderful moment!
I really enjoyed my holidays, what's about you? i hope you too :D

beautiful view :)

 x Natasha x

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