Happy Holiday!

6:43 AM

hi readers!
At the first i want to say "Happy Holiday!" yeay!
i'm still on holiday now, and i after went out with my family. And i just took my outfit today. woah, i look so feminine today!

i wore this beige cardigan with brocade on the back. I just tried to look casual, so i choose to wore sandals.If i'm only go out with my family, i prefer use casual clothes. I want to really really feel comfort with what i use. I already bought this cardigan, and i fell in love with this cardigan at the first time. I think i will look little bit childish with the anime printed top and floral skirt. So, i add this cardigan to improve my look. eumm... i'm also a girl who loves accessories, so i add some bracelets and a key necklace. sweet style!
I really love this anime printed top! 

Beige cardigan by Details // Anime top // Floral Skirt by Phoebe // Beads Sandals
Happy Holiday!



Denim Always Comfy

6:09 AM

Hi readers! 
I'm on holiday now but i don't know what should i do. haha, just chillin in my bedroom,waiting for Chirstmas. I made christmas decorations and made presents for my family. Yipiee!
So today i wore denim vest with Beer Chang tank top. I always feel comfy wearing denim. I love denim so much! 

I really love this necklace! I bought it in Thailand in the ordinary market. I love shopping in Thailand, because there are a lot of beautiful stuff with cheap prices :)

 Denim vest by Bell-Andes // tank top by Beer Chang // ethnic necklace from Thailand // Jeans by Viz // grey sneakers by Ando
such a wonderful day!



My December Wish

6:15 AM

Welcome December!
omg, this is my favorite month ever!!! get ready to decorate our house with christmas decoration!!!
so today, i just went shopping with my family. I wore an outfit with christmas theme. red top with green cardigan. I bought some clothes for christmas,yeay! 

 My Christmas wish is really simple. I hope can have a family gathering on Christmas day. My happy family is the best thing i ever had in my life.

white-red top by Nevada // Denim skirt by Cool Teen // sneakers by Ando // green cardigan by Jordaz Ladies // xmas tree headband

I really love this christmas tree headband!


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