Trip to Bandung!

2:40 AM

Dear readers,
( I really really miss to sit in front of the computer again to write a new post :p )
So, I was have a trip to Bandung with my family. Bandung is a best destination to spend your holiday. I was live in Jakarta, and everyone knows that Jakarta is hot and jammed city. Jakarta people like to spend their holiday out of the town. Me and my family decided to go to Bandung, and i really really excited!

-Outfit 1-

I wore my mom's old dress. uhm, ... i just found it and 'woah, it's gonna be a perfect vintage look for my next post!'. Idk why, but right now i'm to lazy to mix different pattern, so i just wear a white long sleeved sweater for the inside.

-Outfit 2-

it's summer, of course, and i decided to wear thin cloth and shorts.
perfect summer holiday!!!

Recommended places in Bandung to visit:
  • Braga Street
  • Sari Ater hot spring 
  • Strawberry fields in Lembang
  • Kampung Gajah Wonderland
  • The Ranch
  • Trans Studio
  • Kawah Putih Ciwidey
  • Tangkuban Perahu Mountain 

Happy Holiday!


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