i'm a fighter

6:52 AM

Dear all the lovely readers,
I just finish my holiday for few week and now i feel being more fat :( yup, don't go anywhere, just eat,play phone, watch TV, and sleep (i really hate holiday right now). And the first thing that makes me hate holiday is, i miss my friends so badly! 
and finally, today i just go out to take some photos for my new post and tadaa! As you can see on my dress, there is a word says I'M A FIGHTER BUT CRY A LOT. And do you know, that is really really me. I love crying and i'm a super melancholy person. It's very easy for me to shed a tear but i'm a great drama queen. I can act like nothing happen even though i am going a tough time. But whatever i do, i always love myself. What about you?


IG: elisabethnatasha24
snapchat: elisabethtasha

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