4:32 AM

Happy New Year for all my readers! <3
I feel so blessed could past the last year with happiness. A year full of struggle but unforgettable. I hope everyone can be a better person in this year and the most important thing is always grateful.
I celebrate the new year eve in my grandma's house, not too special but so delightful. The pink sweater that i wear is one of my Christmas present from my aunt. Honestly, i never like pink color in my life and rarely wear pink outfit to go out. But when i got this sweater, i think ''why not?". Sometimes we must try something different, right?

I choose this look to represent the cheerfulness and bravery in the beginning of this year.

" Try to go out from your comfort zone, try something new and be brave"

Once again, happy new year! May God bless you all ^^


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